Watch Videos and Hear Growlers For Yourself

Below are a series of videos that will allow you to see and hear for yourself how extremely loud the growlers are... about twice as loud as the military jets they are replacing - and almost twice as fast as the jets they are replacing!

The Navy claimed in their environmental assessment that the Growlers do not go over 84 decibels. See these videos for yourself!

Growler Jets over Ball Park Noise Measured with Sound Meter

5 minutes

Navy EA18G Growlers over Patmore ballpark, Coupeville WA, harming children's hearing"

{vembed Y=nwxYpCa09-E}

Kids in the dugout cover their ears and say it still hurts. No Game.

{vembed Y=FV7xkSzhMkg}

The Navy also claims that the Growlers will not affect wildlife. Here are growlers frightening horses.

1 minute

{vembed Y=BIeP7J2dXpw}